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Fishing The Sunray Shadow. Normally the Sunray Shadow or any salmon fly is casting it downstream and across. You mend the line to let the fly sink and then allow it to swing across the current towards the bank. The Sunray Shadow will work with the microcurrents in the water and due to the long and soft wing be appear to be very much alive. The most popular Sunray Shadow pattern. This fly catches so many fish in warm water when the going gets tough. Fish it fast and square for the most explosive takes, it has gathered a worldwide following in the last few years so make sure you have one in your box, it will save you a blank on many o. Sunray Shadow. A firm favourite salmon fly for many years amongst the Scandinavian fishers the Sunray Shadow burst onto the Scottish fishing scene a few years ago and is now a must have pattern. A very good pattern fished throughout the season. Works very well stripped fast in lower water conditions. Our biggest Sunray Shadow fly. This is a modified model with partly blue wing and pearl body. On of our best selling flies and also one of our biggest flies – Super efficient in Norway and clear rivers overall The fly does not need much introduction.

Und die „Sunray Shadow Fly“ ist so eine. Steffan Jones von Frontiers brachte sie ins große Spiel. An der Stelle muss man aber einmal sagen, dass die Belastung der Marke „Sunray“ stark überhand genommen hat. Alle möglichen Fliegen schmücken sich mit dem Namen „Sunray“, der eigentlich als Marke den Erben von Ray Brooks gehört. Especially the Sunray Shadow is a must in the fly box up here. Jonas says, "Since I'm a fan of the polar bear/monkey hair combination, it was obvious to tie a good bunch this year going to suldals in late September". Here is how Jonas ties his Suldal Sunray Shadow: So I took a piece of 3 mm clear tube future fly of 5 cm. 06/10/2019 · Ive recently tried fishing a sunray shadow. Off a floater or intermediate line, stripped fast, fairly square cast with downstream mend. In other words anything to keep the fly moving quickly. Ive always had the impression that the speed of the fly is essential ie quicker the better.

Sunray Shadow Blue Fly. This fly is one of our library flies. If you want this fly, register your interest and be notified once this pattern arrives in stock. Register your interest. Once this pattern becomes available for sale we will send you a non-intrusive notification via your browser or mobile. Sunray Shadow Story. Read the fascinating story about late British salmon angler Mr. Raymond Brooks and how he through ingenuity and dedication to salmon fly fishing came to make the most famous tube fly in the world – Read how to fish with it and get inspiration to try long-winged flies this summer.

Sunray is a well- known fly and Anders Netaland has caught over a 1000 salmon with it. I use sinking lines as well when fishing with the Sunray in deep pools. The large silhouette is visible in all conditions. Sunray is also one hell of a sea trout fly, no matter if you strip it fast or just let it hang downstream. Ho. Yes, this is a trick question and easy to answer. We ask it because spam bots are too stupid to answer correctly, while humans are not. A new way to perceive traditional fly fishing. For 3 consecutive salmon seasons, we have worked together with the Norwegian salmon angler Mr. Håvard Vistnes to model a new series of Sunray Shadow flies – Flies that is designed to be fished fast or fished in fast water – They have a slick flat profile and a very eye-catching body design. sunray shadow tube fly variations step by step flies for atlantic salmon go to step by step home page. sunray shadow variations. in this page you will find these sunray shadow patterns. sunray shadow. sunray shadow green flash. sunray shadow orange. sunray shadow ruby red. sunray shadow. We use goat mainly for one fly, but it is also important because Sunray Shadow is a legendary fly and for good reason. Sunray Shadow is easy to tie and can often outfish many other patterns. The fly has been developed for the Norwegian salmon, but has also really shown its worth all over the world also for trout and seatrout.

Sunrays/hitch tubes - The Helmsdale Tackle.

SUNRAY SHADOW VARIATIONS STEP BY STEP FLIES FOR ATLANTIC SALMON GO TO STEP BY STEP HOME PAGE. In this page you will find one of the most productive Atlantic Salmon fly the Sunray Shadow, this fly is usually tied as a tube fly, being not to familiar with tying tube flies I tied my own version and tried it in 2007 and 2008. Sunray Shadow. A small Sunray shadow salmon fly, tied the way I like to fish it! wich is a bit on the small side about 10-15cm. This fly has caught many salmon all over the world and has proofed to be very effective. I like to use the pro flexi tubes for this pattern. Comments from other fly fishermen. Currently there are no comments about the Elver Sunray Shadow fly pattern from other fly fishermen yet. Sign-in to make a comment. To make a comment, please sign-in or register securely with us. The Sunray Shadow is a true killer fly for salmon fishing. Tied on a tube with a wing and no body, simple as few flies, but still - or maybe rather because of that - extremely efficient. The fly uses few materials and is very easy to tie. The Sunray Shadow fly originally designed by Mr. Raymond brooks in the 1960´s is an icon in the world of tube flies and a standalone pattern that sums up all the greatness of the tube fly system. Better hooking – No leverage problems – Less weight – Greater versatility.

Sunray Shadow With Blue and White Underwing Salmon Sea Trout Flies - Tay Salmon Fly Please come along and like our Facebook Page and join in the discussion and check out. The disputable king of shadow flies. When the situation calls for strong silhouette and contrast, you tie on a Sunray Shadow. And even when it doesn’t, many still do – and catch fish. An excellent example of how a salmon fly can be dead simple, but still amazingly effective. Also available: Tsunami. Sunray Shadow iridescent Green-Undertaker big is a long winged fly from our iridescent series of salmon and steelhead tube flies.

The Laerdal Sunray Shadow was created by Ray Brooks in Norway on the Famous Laerdal river. We have reproduced it and added jungle cock to give it an extra edge. These raking big lightweight tubes with slightly bigger heads than normal Sunray tubes make an. The Mini Sunray Shadow has a sparse dressing designed to allow the fly to skip tantalizingly across the water surface causing an exciting surface V. The Sunray Shadow fly was tied commercially for the Brooks family by Danish company Lawcock and later with fly tiers in Singapore. Sunray Shadow very quickly became extremely popular and widespread, since the little tube with the monkey hair proved so efficient. 31/08/2011 · Right folk's, I'm looking for some info on how to fish a sunray shadow or collie dog pattern! I've never fish this method before and have a pool in mind to try it on on my local river! First off is it a straight floating line i use? or would i fish it sub surface on a poly leader? Also looking for some patterns to use for this method as-well.

Die Sunray Shadow Fly – Der-FliegenBinder.

Cohn's Copper Sunray Shadow Variant Salmon Tube Fly - Tay Salmon Fly Please come along and like our Facebook Page and join in the discussion and check out our other deadly salmon flies. For all your Salmon Fishing Flies visit our Tay Salmon Fly Website please click here. I am a biologist grew up with a fishing rod in my hands. I have been fortunate enough to embrace my love of art and science in my career. Most of my free time were well spent in the nature, either studying bird behavior or chasing variety of fish with fly rods.

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